Environmental Justice House Course

Members of the UEU and Environmental Alliance have come together to create a house course focusing on climate justice:


Available Fall 2022, this course aims to provide students with a strong understanding of climate justice. It highlights the connections between environmental justice internationally and within the United States. This course is set up as a series of guest lectures given by prominent academics and environmental justice advocates as well as small group discussions. It is a deep dive into the relationship between people, culture, justice, climate, and the environment. It touches upon the intersection of climate justice and health, energy, migration, disability rights, LGBTQ+ rights, transgender rights, and food systems, in the hope to amplify the voices and experiences of the diverse cultures, races, and identities fighting on the front lines to address these issues globally.

Class sessions meet on Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 PM EST.

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To expand EJ offerings and opportunities at Duke, this class doubles as an environmental justice webinar series so that interested students, faculty, staff, and community members not enrolled in the course can participate. Webinars take place on Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 PM EST. A schedule for the series is available below!

For those not enrolled in the course but interested in attending guest speaker sessions, register for any and all webinars here: LINK COMING SOON

For those who are not available at the scheduled webinar time but would still like to learn from our speakers, webinar recordings are available below or here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF0DNaSNetzSEkLWAysAV_w/videos


Webinar Recordings

Check back Fall 2022!

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Webinar Schedule


**For more information, please reach out to our course instructors or faculty sponsor (see information below)**

Fall 2022 Instructors


Ariel Chukwuma
Class of 2024

Ariel Headshot.NEF.jpg

Ariel is a sophomore planning to major in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Inequality Studies. Ariel is passionate about studying environmental degradation and its socio-political impacts on minority populations. Outside the classroom, she participates in three research projects. One of which involves researching how Indigenous knowledge has been excluded from fishery management in West Coast Vancouver Island, British Columbia. In the future, she aspires to aid in conservation efforts that prioritize the protection of Indigenous knowledge and the health of minority populations. Ariel's research will allow her to make space for voices that are often oppressed or disregarded in environmental protection efforts.