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How-To: Reusable To-go containers at Duke

In case you haven't noticed, masking is no longer mandatory in most Duke indoor facilities as of March 7th. With this shift has also come a welcome re-introduction of actual plates and bowls at most Duke dining locations. If you're eating in, this is great news. You can now use metal cutlery and ceramic plates instead of looking at your sad plastic knife and wondering if that's going to end up in a turtle's nostril in six months. But what if you're running late to yet another 10:15 class and need to eat on the run? Luckily, Duke Dining has a reusable to-go container program that's super easy to use.

This is why you should switch to reusable to-go containers:

  1. Reduce the amount of waste. You might think that your single-use plastic cutlery or container is recyclable. But containers contaminated with food are extremely difficult to recycle, and often can end up in landfill to avoid damaging the recycling facility. So it's best to use as little single-use items as possible. Remember: 'REDUCE' before you reuse or recycle!!

  2. Honestly just better containers. Have you seen these things? They're made out of sturdy plastic and will protect your food much better than any single-use container will.

3. Super easy to use. This program is run by the Duke Dining program, and is very user-friendly from start to finish. Details below!

So how do you get involved?

  1. Ask for a 'reusable to-go container' when you're getting your food at any dining location in WU(Broadhead Center), with the exception of Panera.

3. You will be asked to tap twice at the cashier, just so the system can register your netid

for the container. Don't worry - you won't be charged anything extra!

4. After you're done with your food, return your container at the dish return on the first

floor of WU. Make sure to tap your Duke Card at one of these sensors on either side of

the dish return to let the system know that you've returned your container.

5. And repeat. Yay!

Things to keep in mind:

  • As of now, you can only use these reusable containers at dining locations in WU(Broadhead Center), with the exception of Panera.

  • You can only check out one container at a time.

P.S. If you are someone who frequents local Durham restaurants, make sure to check out the GreentoGo program that lets you check out similar reusable containers!

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